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Completed CCSGP Public Service Fellowship projects

Virtual Classroom Evaluation Simulation Framework


Teoh Jun Jie

Year 2 Computer Science and Applied Mathematics 

Why Teoh Jun Jie applied for the CCSGP Fellowship:

Jun Jie hoped to work on a project that provides value for someone in the community. The CCSGP Fellowship provides the perfect opportunity and platform for him to embark on a project like this.

What did Teoh Jun Jie learn from participating in the CCSGP Public Service Fellowship?

The CCSGP Public Service Fellowship gave Jun Jie the opportunity to work directly with Solve Education, a non-profit organization that is committed to helping children and youth around the globe receive quality, effective education.

The most crucial thing that Jun Jie learned from this program is the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders. To make sure that the project provided value for Solve Education, he had to closely understand their needs and requirements, so that he could design a framework that provided value to them. This is not something that someone can learn effectively in school, and he appreciated the chance to sharpen this skill under CCSGP Public Service Fellowship.










About the project:

Spaced Repetition is a method of learning with flashcards using repeated spaced reviews. In mobile learning, Spaced Repetition is usually applied in form of quizzes, which aims to reinforce student’s learning and tests the student’s understanding of various topic. The challenge here is that students have great flexibility in terms of frequency and duration for app usage, and this will directly affect the effectiveness of the learning.





In this project, Jun Jie worked closely with Solve Education to create a virtual classroom evaluation simulation framework that provides a way to simulate an actual online classroom setting in a fixed environment. With this virtual classroom, we can compare across various m-learning teaching policies. This project aimed to identify the best policies in terms of maximizing learning outcome in terms of knowledge retainment.

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