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Building Self-Aware Leaders who Care

The Leadership Programme comprises 2 parts - a 4 modular credit module for students to embark on a reflective journey of who they are, how they want to grow as leaders, and skills and frameworks they need; and a practicum portion with group coaching to apply their learnings.




A 4 modular credit module to provide NUS SOC students with a structure to

  • develop and hone their leadership potential 

  • emerge as a self-aware, empathetic individual

  • determine their personal and leadership development plan 


The learning process will be focused on introspection, sharing of individual experiences and deepening self-awareness so that students are actively applying the concepts of what they have learnt in their daily lives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop deeper self-awareness as a leader and hone one’s emotional intelligence

  • Build interpersonal empathy and capacity to create psychological safety upon which trusting teams can be formed

  • Determine what is required to manage, develop and motivate people to achieve goals and drive results with courage

  • Develop reflective thinking and perspective taking skills

  • Take ownership and be accountable for one’s and others’ personal development by being open to giving and receiving feedback


IT2900 Module

Why Take This Module?

Discover Yourself

Start from inside out and be aware of who you are as a person and leader

Be Clear & Intentional

Cycle your experiences through frameworks to enhance metacognition


Listen to life experiences and insightful advice of industry practitioners


Get concrete steps to practice and improve human-centric skills

What To Expect

Leadership Theories & Frameworks

Over the course of 13 weeks, students will be introduced to the theory and practice of a People First leadership (i.e., awareness of self and others to champion co-operative working and a more human kind of leadership). The models and frameworks that would be discussed in the module includes the different leadership frameworks, coaching, emotional intelligence, resilience and conflict management. The following provides an overview of the topics that will be covered in the module.

Focus on Self​

  • Leadership Mindset

  • How we Impact Others

  • Emotional Intelligence

Focus on People

  • Perspective Taking & Empathy

  • Psychological Safety

  • Communicate to Influence

  • Understanding Motivation

  • Developing Others

  • Managing Conflict

Focus on Results

  • Operational Excellence

  • Courageous Leadership

  • Empowering Others to Act

Be Inspired by Guest Speakers

Here are some guest speakers who shared at IT2900. This includes Hong Khai Seng (Studio Dojo), Li Woon (Mindful Virtues Pte Ltd), Jimmy Sng (PwC Singapore), Godelieve (Marsh McLennan) who shared about perspective taking and empathy, Mr Philip Yeo who shared about courageous leadership, Dr Robert Morris (MOHT) who shared about developing oneself and others, Ms Nishita Argawal (Facebook) and Mr Chris Henry (Google) who shared their perspectives on psychological safety, and Mr Benny Ou (MOE) who shared insights on operational excellence.

Personal Reflection & Leadership Philosophy

This course requires students to have personal curiosity and reflection, personal openness and sharing in class, and in forum discussions and tutorials. Students would develop self-awareness and critical core competencies in applying soft skills techniques that can be used to lead themselves and others in any given situation. Concepts learnt and used in the course will be immediately applicable for students and useful for the rest of their lives. By the end of the programme, students would be able to see how they have progressed as a leader and, develop their leadership philosophy and personal development plan.

A Message From Your Seniors

How they have Grown

Advice when taking IT2900

What Students Say

The whole module is well thought out from top to bottom. If you are really sincere about improving yourself, take this module as a commitment to the kind of person and leader you want to be. The skills this module teaches have a concrete impact in the relationships you have and the meaning you make in life. 
~ Hannah

Practicum & Group Coaching

Group of Asian students discussing in the library

After IT2900, students are to find opportunities to put themselves in positions of leadership or to interact closely with a leader and evaluate them in action. This can take place over a 12 to 15 weeks period, i.e. during the semester period or the summer break. This can be

  • Internship

  • Team leads for CVWO


During this period, students will be part of a small group coaching circle of up to 5 persons. The purpose of the group coaching circle is for students to introspect and share insights with regards to their leadership experience, cross-pollinate ideas and perspectives, lend support in overcoming any obstacles they might face, and to keep one another accountable to the goals and intention that they have each set out for themselves.

Practicum and Group Coaching

Ready for IT2900?

Step 1: Click on "Apply For IT2900" and complete the form

Step 2: Shortlisted individuals will be invited for a group interview in early May.

Step 3: Confirmed individuals will be notified via email, and will be enrolled into the class.

Step 4: Individuals will complete IT2900 in Semester 1

Step 5: Individuals who successfully complete IT2900 will continue on to the Practicum

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