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The CCSGP Mentorship Programme is a six-month programme where industry professionals are paired with SoC students, organised in partnership with the Halogen Foundation. The programme is not technical in nature; mentors are not expected to teach their mentee any specific technical skills, like coding or software development. Mentors are expected to provide advice about career plans, skillsets needed for industry, etc., and to help the students successfully transition from student life to working life.



Personal Discovery

  • Anchored upon emotions, values, strengths, motivations, embrace failures, and aspirations.

Outcome - higher levels of self-confidence and a sense of purpose. This will translate to greater clarity during interviews and of course, in their career choices.

Career Navigation

  • Differences between "passion" and a career.

  • How should I show up at work?

Outcome - greater understanding of some "expectations" in the industry/working world. Better able to manage their personal expectations in terms of career. 

Skill Set Development

  • Discover what is in-demand from an industry's perspective, both soft and hard skills.

Outcome - able to take proactive steps to better prime themselves to meet the demands when they venture into their first role. Able to better themselves as individuals as well.


Early Career Mastery

  • Exploration of best practices on stakeholder management (clients, colleagues, managers, bosses).

  • Integration of workflow

Outcome - Framed for success in their first role with better preparation and hence, greater productivity and purposefulness. 


CCSGP partnered with Halogen Foundation ( to conduct a mentoring programme every year from August - February. NUS SoC students will be paired with industry professionals who will serve as the mentor for this programme.


If you keen to serve as a mentor for the CCSGP Mentorship programme, please sign up by clicking JOIN US. We will get in touch when the next round of the programme opens next June.

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